Live shows in 2020 currently paused due to the covid-19 pandemic, but please return for updates and stay safe!



January 25, 2019 Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY


November 26, 2018, Pete’s Candy Store, Brooklyn, NY

March 25, 68 Jay Street Bar with Wyndham Baird, Zoe Sundra, and Liam Carey (Secondstar), Brooklyn, NY
February 23, The Jalopy Theater, Benefit Show with Charming Disaster and Jeffrey Lewis, Brooklyn, NY

2016 – Tour with Beautify Junkyards
February, 23, Musicbox, Lisboa, Portugal
March, 04, Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal
March, 05, Porta Onze, Monção, Portugal
March, 06, Casa das Artes, Coimbra, Portugal


December, 20, Casa Independente w/Frankie Chavez, Lisbon, Portugal
August, 29, Bartô do Chapitô, Lisbon, Portugal
July, 16, Teatro Valadares, Caminha, Portugal
July, 12, AgitAgueda Festival, Agueda, Portugal
March, 7, Auditório, Espinho, Portugal
February, 28, Teatro Diogo Bernardes, Ponte de Lima, Portugal
February, 22, Teatro do Bairro, Lisboa, Portugal
February, 07, Maus Hábitos, Porto, Portugal
February, 06, Teatro Municipal, Bragança, Portugal
February, 04, Musicbox, supporting Jacco Gardner, Lisbon, Portugal


November 27, TMN ao Vivo, Lisboa supporting These New Puritans, Portugal
November 26, Hard Club, Porto supporting These New Puritans, Portugal
November 23, Bartô, Lisbon, Portugal
November 16, Westaway Viva Festival, Lisbon, Portugal
November 2, Centro das Artes do Espectáculo, Sever do Vouga, Portugal
September 25, Sugar Factory Foyer, Amsterdam, Netherlands
July 27, Galaicofolia Festival, Esposende, Portugal
July 11, Cineteatro João Mota, Sesimbra, Portugal
July 4, Fábrica Braço de Prata, Lisboa, Portugal
May 4, Os Artistos, Faro, Portugal
April, Quatorze Espaço Cultural, Braga, Portugal
April 8, The Slaughtered Lamb, London, UK
April 6, Rough Trade West, London, UK
February 23, Lugar do Capitão, Viseu, Portugal
February 22, Mercado Negro, Aveiro, Portugal
February 20, Ritz Clube, Lisboa, Portugal
February 16, CC Vila Flor, Guimarães, Portugal
February 9, ABC da Cultura, Vila Real, Portugal
February 9, Fnac NorteShopping, Matosinhos, Portugal
February 8, O Meu Mercedes, Porto, Portugal
February 8, Fnac Sta. Catarina, Porto,Portugal
February 7, Salão Brazil, Coimbra, Portugal
February 2, One of a Million Festival, Baden, Switzerland
January 18, Sou, Lisboa, Portugal


March 10, AISCA, Viana do Castelo, Portugal
April 27,  FNAC Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal
May 5,  Teatro José Lucio da Silva Supporting Sean Riley & The Slowriders, Leiria Portugal
May 12,  The Beat Club, Leiria, Portugal


April 20, Metricubi, Venice, Italy
April 22, Centro Di Aggregazione Giovanile, Catanzaro, Italy
April 23,  Complesso Monumentale Del San Giovanni, Catanzaro Italy
April 24,  Mr.Hide, Catania, Italy
May 15, Café Au Lait Presented by, Porto, Portugal
May 20, Mercado Negro w/Birds Are Indie, Aveiro, Portugal
July 1, OMT, Coimbra, Portugal
June 4,  Shakespeare and Company w/Thos Henley, Paris, France
July 4, La Java w/Antoine Doyer, Paris, France
August 9, Le Vauban + Radio Session for You.FM, Mons, Belgium
August 19, Acqua Di Friso, Catanzaro, Italy
August 20, La Sosta Jazz Club, Villa San Giovanni, Italy
August 21 to August 25, Tarantella Power Festival Mainstage, Badolato, Italy
September 9, Le Bauhaus, Brussels, Belgium
September 11, The Old Queen’s Head, London, UK
September 12, The Slaughtered Lamb Electroacoustic Music Club, London, UK
October 22, Teatro Loucomotiva, Taveiro, Portugal
November 11, Ateneu, Leiria, Portugal
November 27, USA Bridge Street Live Supporting Vance Gilbert, Collinsville, CT, USA
December 8, Roots Café, Brooklyn, NY, USA


9/1/2010 Le Chab w/The Sobs (US), Brussels, Belgium
10/1/2010 Théâtre de la Flute Enchantée Soirée Cerise w/The Sobs (US) and Vera Gogh (US), Brussels, Belgium
11/1/2010 Bar du Matin w/The Sobs (US), Brussels, Belgium
1/20/2010 Le Scopitone supporting Arborea (US) and Kim (FR), Paris, France
2/22/2010 Shakespeare and Company w/This is the Kit (UK), Paris, France
5/22/2010 Bouillon Festival w/V.O., Bouillon, Belgium
5/25/2010 Espace B w/Rachael Dadd (UK) and This is the Kit (UK), Paris, France
6/19/2010 Oliver Peel Session #26 The Resident Cards, w/V.O. (BE), Paris, France


2/13/2009 Les Passagers du Zinc Soirée Gramofolk, Besançon, France
5/3/2009 Kirsch Presented by Lugar Comum, Coimbra, Portugal
6/3/2009 Mercado Negro Presented by Lugar Comum, Aveiro, Portugal
7/3/2009 Velha-a-Branca Presented by Lugar Comum, Braga, Portugal
2/4/2009 La Java Supporting Warren Ellis (AU) and Jim Yamouridis (AU), Paris, France
4/21/2009 Le Réservoir Soirée Roy Music supporting Melanie Pain (FR) and François Tarot (FR), Paris, France
4/25/2009 1Bis, Paris, France
5/19/2009 Le Perroquet Bleu w/Rachael Dadd (UK), Ichi (JP), and This is the Kit (UK), Paris, France
5/24/2009 Oliver Peel Session #6, Paris, France
12/7/2009 7ème Ciel Solo + The Resident Cards, w/Robert Gomez (US), Paris, France
7/14/2009 The Pop In The Resident Cards, supporting Mia Doi Todd (US), Paris, France
10/18/2009 Espace B w/The Sobs, Paris, France


5/21/2008 Belushi’s Supporting Meg Baird (US) and Sharron Krauss (UK), Paris, France
5/7/2008 La Blogotheque Soirée de Poche Supporting Ron Sexsmith (CND) and Patrick Watson (CND), Paris, France
12/7/2008  Théâtre Coté Cour Soirée No Format! Supporting Misja Fitzgerald Michel, Paris, France
9/13/2008 The Sugar Factory Filles Fragiles Tour w/Françoiz Breut (BE), Peppermoon (FR), and Vanessa and the O’s, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
9/14/2008 Leidse Schouwburg Filles Fragiles Tour w/Françoiz Breut, Peppermoon, and Vanessa and the O’s, Leiden, The Netherlands
9/15/2008  Pesthuy’s Podium w/Peppermoon, Maastrict, The Netherlands
9/17/2008 The Pop In, Paris, France
11/21/2008 Le Perroquet Bleu w/Alban Dereyer, Paris, France

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