True Love and Water

“Such a simple idea so perfectly realised, with the weight of a female Leonard Cohen wrought through the tune, interlaced with a gossamer beauty as fragile and electrifying as a gentle caress” – Simon Holland, Properganda

“A graceful, intelligent songwriter and a beguiling singer, Buettner is smarter than the average singer-songwriter.  She is a song poet, and listening to the way her lyrics glide with such non-chalant ease through these remarkable songs somehow summon to mind, unbidden, that old Jack Kerouac line about ‘beat’ being the shortened form of ‘beatific’”. – Steve Hunt, fRoots

“True Love and Water and Time Travelling alone suffice to convince us that a real talent in the landscape of female folksingers has just bloomed.” – François Gorin, Telerama

“Paris has its Sibylle Baier: an uprooted American whose enveloping siren song makes us lose all sense of reason.” –

“Erica is a fine wordsmith and this is a really inventive and unusual album.” – Peter Cowley, FATEA

“Ginsberg-ghosted Parisian-beat-music” – For Folk’s Sake, UK

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